The Enthusiasm-Awakeners singing group were given their name by Sri Chinmoy on 27 July 2007.

Prior to this date, the group —which was formed in December 1999— was simply known as “Parvati’s Group”. The group had always had a strong association with the quality enthusiasm and, in fact, was formed the day after Parvati asked Sri Chinmoy a question about the quality. See that Q&A here:

Sri Chinmoy often gave “spiritual names” — usually to individuals but also to businesses owned by his students and sometimes to musical groups. Our spiritual name, Enthusiasm-Awakeners, is treasured by us and each time we refer to it, the name helps us to remember the quality we are meant to bring to the fore.

When the seeker gets a spiritual name, he will feel the necessity of bringing his soul’s predominant qualities to the fore, and thus make the fastest progress toward realising the highest Supreme.

Everyone has all the divine qualities, but one quality is often pre-eminent. One divine quality is usually more manifest in a certain person than other divine qualities, and his soul has a way of manifesting the highest Truth through that particular quality. One soul will manifest through light, another through beauty, a third through power, a fourth through compassion, a fifth through peace, a sixth through joy. Each name that I offer has a spiritual significance, and each aspirant has the capacity to realise and manifest the Highest through the particular quality which his name reveals and embodies. It becomes infinitely easier for the aspirant to realise and manifest the Highest on earth if he knows that particular quality.
— Sri Chinmoy, (AUM — Vol.II-4, No. 5, May 27, 1977)