To commemorate Sri Chinmoy’s 90th birthday, some of us did a “90-day-for-90-Years” song project. The 1,528 songs selected for the project are indexed here. To read more about the project read the story —or to participate, here are the materials.

Alas, I did not have the foresight to add an anchor to each of the 1,528 songs for the project, so the index will point you to the “day” that the song is posted (sheet music and practice mp3). It means you’ll have to scroll through the 17 or songs posted on that day to find the exact song you are searching for. Not entirely practical — but a start!

Tip: Once you find the song listed in the index, take note of the E.A.# so that you can then scroll quickly to the song you are looking for.

A reminder that the practice MP3s are not perfect. Many were recorded on an old portable cassette at our song group practice session. And recorded only to help us learn the song — they were never meant to go public. But many others who don’t read music have asked for them… so consider them only a guide and please forgive any mistakes or painfully, rough (squeaky) singing 🙂

Here are 2 indexes of the selected 1,528 songs:

  • Alphabetical
  • PDF / by Day (1,528 songs divided into sets for the 90-day project). This PDF has other useful info, such as the date it was composed on and which Songbook the song was published in.

 And, of course, you can use the “search” function of devotionsongs site in the top bar menu, which will highlight the Day the song is posted on. (This search will only pick up first few words of song)

Looking for a more comprehensive search? Both and will search many, many more of Sri Chinmoy’s songs (a collection of over 23,000 songs in the Bengali language and in English). They will also pick up any word within the full song, so if you are looking for songs under a theme, e.g. “gratitude”, these sites will aid you better. If using the Library website — which contains Sri Chinmoy’s books, poems, stories, etc. — once you enter your search criteria, you can use the “narrow search results by genre” to just songs.